Crafty Little Bunnies…

School holidays. Need I say more? They’re lovely when it’s sunny, and we can head out on excursions to the park and the botanical gardens, but when it’s raining the choruses of ‘what can we do that’s exciting’, closely followed by ‘I’m hungry’ (which I usually interpret as ‘I’m bored, but eating would give me something to do’) are the bane of a busy mother’s existence. We often go to the art galleries and museums, but sometimes you need a ‘chill’ day at home.

So, seeing it’s Easter coming up in just a week (oh my goodness, I can’t believe I just typed that!) my girls and I made some crafty little bunny finger puppets to keep them amused for a while.

  • Big Shot: Circles No.2 Die, Island Floral Bigz Die (which was in the Summer Mini, and is STILL AVAILABLE)
  • Accessories: Grosgrain Ribbon in Pretty in Pink and Very Vanilla
  • Non-SU Craft Shop Supplies: Felt in ‘bunny colours’, Googly eyes, needle and thread, white glue

Aren’t they cute? The first time I looked at the Island Floral Bigz Die, I was sure the ‘leaf’ shape would make wonderful bunny ears. Pretty simple to make. You could draw the details on the bunny face with a permanent marker, but all those have been confiscated in this house (those with creative 3 year olds will understand where I’m coming from!)

At first we just glued them together, but no-one was patient enough to wait for the glue to dry, so I went around them quickly with a blanket stitch, and now they’ll stay together for ever. And of course, no ‘girl’ bunny is complete without a bow for her ear. If it were a boy bunny puppet, perhaps he could have a bowtie?

Anyway, we had lots of fun making them together. The girls cut their own bunny pieces out on the Big Shot, and glued the ears and eyes (Bella had a little help), and Mummy did the sewing under their direction, as fast as she could!

Here are my crafty little bunnies with their finger puppets. 🙂

A note of warning for those with toddlers and preschoolers. It’s probably better to draw your eyes on, or sew buttons – Bella has managed to pull her eyes off a few times, and although she doesn’t put things in her mouth anymore now that she is a big girl and goes to ‘pretty school’ (preschool), I am very tired of trying to find them and glue them back on!

Hope you’re having a fabulous time in the lead up to Easter! I’ll be back soon with some more holiday craft that we’ve done.



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