Every day is an opportunity to make a new happy ending

Yes, alas, it seems that I’ve been neglecting you again. Life, or rather, a particularly nasty flu virus, got in the way of me doing anything creative this week – I was too busy lying on the sofa feeling sorry for myself, while my delighted two year old Bella ‘made me all better’ with her Fisher Price Dr Kit. Even the most loving ministrations of a toddler don’t hurry along the flu, and it’s only today that I’ve started to feel vaguely human. For those who have emailed me this week with Stampin’ Up! questions, I promise I wasn’t ignoring you!

Even though I don’t have any creations of my own to share with you today, I do have something exciting to let you know about. It’s time for the Last Chance List!

The new Stampin’ Up! Idea Book and Catalogue will be released in September, which is pretty exciting, but we’ve got plenty of time before we start rubbing our hands in anticipation. Right now, it’s time to get excited about bargains!

All the stamp sets, wheels and retiring colours on the last chance list won’t be in the new catalogue, and will be gone for good. If there’s a stamp set or colour that you really love that’s going, get it now, rather than being that sucker that paid twice as much for it on Ebay a year later (don’t laugh, I’ve seen it happen.) Some of the products, such as the punches, will be reconfigured or redesigned in the new catalogue, so it’s a great chance for a bargain.

If you’ve got lots of like minded friends who love stamping, why not hold a ‘last chance supper’ so you can increase your purchasing power. I’d love to help you host a workshop and take advantage of the great deals that are on offer this month.

Everything in the list will only be available until the end of August, and only until stocks last.

The list is eight pages long, much too long to put here, so follow this link, get out your catalogue, and start making your wish list! Then email me so I can put your order through lickety split!

Thanks for taking a peek!




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