Do you need some TLC?

Sometimes us ladies just don’t look after ourselves. We’re too busy working, being wives and mothers – sometimes all three at the same time. Now, I don’t know what your version of ‘me’ time is, but mine is being creative! But it can be hard with little ‘helpers’ around, who are just itching to put a nice crayon scribble in the middle of your finished card, or scrunch up your carefully horded specialty paper (don’t ask me how I know this!)

My friend Mandy and I have come up with the idea to hold a fortnightly get-together of fellow minded ladies who like to papercraft and who’d like some company! A TLC night (Tenacious Lady Crafters – or perhaps the T stands for Tired.. LOL!)

All papercrafters are welcome – just bring along what you’re working on. It’s not limited to Stampin’ Up! product – I just want to give people the space and time to have a go! If you’d like to start on something but don’t have any supplies, just bring yourself along and you can use my things for a $3.00 charge.

The Ashfield Bowling Club have kindly offered us the use of their BridgeView Room (the city view from this room in the evening is stunning!) They have a bar and a bistro, so you can even have a quiet glass of wine and a meal while you ponder your next masterpiece.

If you’re a bit undecided, and think papercraft really isn’t your bag baby, why not just pop down anyway, to spend an evening out. They also have a Trivia Quiz on Wednesday nights – you could do that and come and visit us crafty reclusives during break time.

I hope to see you there – spread the word; everyone who’d like to come is welcome! If you need more details, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Wednesday, 7.30pm, 10th February 2010, BridgeView Room, Ashfield Bowling Club, Ashfield Park, Parramatta Road, Sydney


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